We have a large membership most of whom are Safety Managers/Officers, Factory Inspectors, occupational hygienists, environmentalists, Engineers, Occupational Health Physicians and Nurses, Economists, Scientists, Fire Engineers and Security Professionals in Governments, Military, Industries and Educational Institutions in Nigeria as well as private safety consultants. We are as at entails at today over 5000 members.

Membership entails a duty to serve and protect people, property and environment. Hence our motto ’In the service of man’. This duty is to be exercised with integrity, honour and dignity. The Institute offers opportunities to members to advance their knowledge, share expertise and experience, exchange ideas, keep up with new developments and gain recognition for professional achievements. Members can achieve these through our periodical Conferences, seminar symposia and other activities.

ISPON has two categories of membership namely individual and corporate membership.

Electronic Membership Management System (e-MMS)

ISPON has been chattered by the ISPON Act 2014 to regulate the practice of safety profession in Nigeria together with assuring the statutory registration of all safety professionals, and the institute have seized this unique opportunity to use a digitally-enabled membership management system to position the institute in fulfilling this statutory function.

The electronic Membership Management System (e-MMS) is a web-based solution that manages membership application process, annual membership renewal, collaborations and professional development of members. With this system, all our membership management processes are now fully automated, everything is done online; no need to visit our offices for payment and submission of documents/forms apart from attending training and membership screening.

Below are the key features of the e-MMS:

Effective 1st March 2020, all membership applications, membership upgrades, annual membership payments, conference/AGM registrations and other membership-related dealings shall be done through the e-MMS.

How to Become a Member of ISPON

If you are a health and safety practitioner, work in an associated field or have an interest in health and safety, you can enjoy the benefits of ISPON membership.

Applicants - How to Join
  1. Visit www.ispon.emms.ng to create an online profile
  2. Verify your email address by clicking on the email verification link sent to your email.
  3. Login and complete the online application.
  4. Upload scanned copies of supporting documents.
  5. Pay the non-refundable application fee (through bank transfer or debit/credit card) and submit your application.
  6. Sit for and pass membership screening examination
  7. Upon approval of membership application, pay the automatically-generated annual membership dues

Supporting Documents Needed - Individual Applicants
  1. Certificate(s) of educational qualification(s)
  2. Certificate(s) of professional qualification(s)
  3. Evidence of professional safety experience (reference letter from employers or clients)
  4. Certificate(s) of relevant HSE Training
  5. Means of Identification (international passport, driver’s license, national ID card or voters card)
  6. Signed Sponsor form

Supporting Documents Needed – Corporate Applicants
  1. Company registration documents
  2. HSE policies and manual
  3. Company profile

Existing Members - How to create online profile
  1. Visit www.ispon.emms.ng, click on “Create Profile” then select “Existing Member”
  2. Enter your membership number and surname, then click on “Search”
  3. Update your profile as indicated and verify your email address
  4. Pay the automatically-generated annual membership dues (through bank transfer or debit/credit card)
For enquiries and support on the e-MMS, contact support@ispon.emms.ng

Note: As part of professional development, it is mandatory for members to attend HSE Courses, Seminars, Conferences and other learning events organized by the Institute periodically.

Electronic Member Register

An electronic Register of Members and their accredited representatives (in the case of corporate members) are kept and maintained in the Electronic Membership Management System (e-MMS), and any member of the public can access it to verify membership status of individuals and corporate bodies.

No person or organization shall be deemed to be a member of the Institute unless his/her/its name and other information have been, and continue to be, entered in the Register of Members.

You access the individual members register here

You access the corporate members register here

Member Benefits
  1. The Institute offers opportunities to members to advance their professional knowledge through the Institute's published newsletters, journals and lectures by members and other professional guest lecturers.
  2. Share expertise and experience.
  3. Exchange ideas and keep up with new developments in safety practice.
  4. Gain recognition for professional endeavours.
  5. Members who pay their dues regularly are covered by insurance.Membership Annual Subscription

Membership Grades

Class of Membership Grade Designatory Letter
Member MISPN
Associate AISPN
Graduate GISPN
CORPORATE MEMBER Consulting (valid for practice)
Affiliate (not valid for practice)
Membership Application Fees
Corporate Application +
Screening Fee
N 398,974
Individual Application +
Screening Fee
N 28,604
Membership Upgrade Fee N 22,906
Screening Exemption Fee 57,094

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Annual Membership Subscription Fees

Every member shall pay to the Institute an annual membership subscription fee in such amount and manner as may from time to time be prescribed by Governing Board.

Membership annual subscription presently in force are as follows:

Class of Membership Annual Subscription Fee
Fellow N 18,348
Member N 16,068
Associate N 13,789
Graduate N 12,650
Registered Student N 2,393
Life Member Exempted
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All members' annual subscriptions become due and payable on the first working day of January each year, except that in the first instance, it shall be due and payable on the date on which the application for membership is granted.